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About Asia Pacific Robot Alliance

To promote S.T.E.M+ education through robots intelligence.

To broaden the learning experience and development of young people with robots.

To actively participate in robotics related competitions nationally and internationally.

To assist in organizing robotics events for young people.

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Our Games

Our Games

APRA provides an exciting platform for young people to develop their STEM+ learning through the use of popularized engineering robots such as LEGO, Samlabs and Cagebot. Through the competition platform, these robots are used to stimulate the creative mindsets of young engineers.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Age 9 - 18

Auto / Remote Sumo

Remote Soccer

Relay Mission

Age 6- 9


iot Cargo

STEM Design Invitation

Age 13 - 18

Lightweight Auto Sumo

Highlights of APRA

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