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If you want to join us as a student 

APRA provides an excellent platform for students to showcase their skills and compete in various challenges. With the help of our national organizers, you can be part of events across the globe and explore your potential in a competitive environment that encourages innovation and creativity. Join us now and experience the thrill of competing in an international arena.


If you are an organization with passion in STEM education 

At APRA Competition, we are committed to providing a platform and a global community for S.T.E.M.+ enthusiasts. We offer a variety of services to help facilitate the development of S.T.E.M.+ education and innovation across the world. Our services include hosting S.T.E.M.+ competitions, providing educational resources, and offering support to countries interested in joining our network. We strive to make our program accessible to everyone, adapting it to the individual needs of each country. If you are confident that your organization would be a good match for one of our competitions, please contact us and explore the many possibilities.

We are looking for a national organizer that meets all the requirements - they must be linked to a known and reputable institution in the country, be ready to fund and organize the national tournament, demonstrate ambitions to grow the competition and have the necessary resources to achieve this. We also require the organizer to have experience with robotics in education and events for children and young people.


Join us and be part of a mission for inspiring the next generation of tech leaders!

If you are an organization with passion in STEM education 


If you are passionate about S.T.E.M.+ and want to help give young people an unforgettable experience, volunteering for the S.T.E.M.+ Competition is a great way to get involved. You can contact the national organizer in your country to see how you can help out. Your efforts will go a long way in providing unique and exciting opportunities for the youth of your country.

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